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Easily Add Memories

We make it effortless to add all your family videos and photos to your iMemories account, so they're all together in one safe place. Your family memories are currently scattered and unorganized, and are located in three main places: 1) boxes, 2) devices, and 3) sites. We provide everything you need to easily add your family memories to your account.

Beautiful, Enriched Viewing

Our apps are designed and optimized for viewing videos and photos in their amazing glory. Thumbnail images are jumbo size, so memories are easy to find and tap. Full screen photos look amazingly beautiful. Videos look sharp, colorful and detailed - no matter what decade they were shot. HD videos look downright stunning.

Label and Organize

Labeling and organizing your entire collection of family memories is as easy as dragging and dropping, and clicking and typing. Use Albums to easily sort and organize your videos and photos, by date, by event, by person or all of the above.


Easily find what you're looking for. First and foremost, your memories will be in your pocket, so you will have instant access to your videos and photos whenever and wherever you go. Then, with a whisk of your finger, you will be able to scroll through decades of family memories. Finding that special moment, no matter when it was captured, is a snap - and a lot of fun!

Share Privately

Share your videos and photos one-by-one or by the truckload. Share the videos and photos you want with whom you choose. You can email or text videos and photos with a select few or share with your social networks on Facebook or Twitter. You can even password protect shares and revoke shares already sent so people no longer have access.

Download Your Memories

Save full-res digital masters of your videos and photos to your computer. Download individual videos or photos, or download Albums full of videos and photos. It's easy and fast!

Edit Your Videos

Edit your videos with ease, so they're exactly what you want. If you know how to drag and drop, you can edit your videos at iMemories. It's seriously that simple. Trim your videos to remove footage. Split a longer video into two new video clips.

Make Custom DVDs & Blu-rays

You can digitally preserve your videos and photos on professionally packaged DVDs or Blu-rays. With just a few clicks, you can sort, label and fully customize your DVDs and Blu-rays. DVDs and Blu-rays make long lasting digital archives of your family memories, as well as great gifts for family and friends.

$9.99 per DVD   $14.99 per Blu-ray

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