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Convert your aging camcorder tapes.

Somewhere in the dark, your memories are fading away.

Under the Bed. Up in the attic. Out in the garage. Somewhere there's a box of older analog videotapes you're hoping to treasure forever. But they're fading fast. Captured on camcorder videotape, those priceless moments are disappearing - victims of heat, humidity and time itself. Protecting and enjoying your videotapes is easy with iMemories. We convert and preserve your older analog videotapes into crystal clear modern digital formats, so you can enjoy your treasured family videos for generations.

Only   $12.99 per videotape.

Any and all camcorder videotapes
are supported.

Not sure what videotape format you've got?  No worries.  iMemories can digitally re-master any camcorder videotape format, from the 1980's to modern day.

Pro Equipped
Our state-of-the-art facility houses professional quality video decks to ensure the best quality playback of older analog tapes.
Older videotapes were recorded with obsolete camcorder technology, so the footage can be "noisy". We enhance your videos so they look sharper.
Image Stabilized
Some videotape sources, notoriously camcorders, produce footage that flickers annoyingly. We fix that by improving the tracking signal.
Every videotape is digitally re-mastered at it's orginal full resolution. This means there's no quality loss in going to digital.
Cleaned Up
All videotapes have blank, worthless footage. We digitally clean up your videos and delete the useless black, blue, gray and static footage.
Scene Edited
Each videotape is scene edited by hand. Segmenting your long videos into shorter video clips makes viewing, sharing, organizing and labeling a snap.

View Your Videotapes On Any Screen

Once your camcorder videotapes are digitized and stored in your iMemories Account, you can view and share them on any device screen through free apps.

Make Customized
DVDs or Blu-rays

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can sort, label and edit your videotape footage and select the ones you want to be digitally preserved on DVD or Blu-ray. DVDs and Blu-rays make long lasting digital archives of your videotapes. DVDs and Blu-rays also make great gifts with their cinema-quality and personalized and professional packaging.

$9.99 per DVD  $14.99 per Blu-ray.

The quality of your product is excellent! Your service is prompt and helpful. It is a very user friendly format. iMemories was incredibly valuable to me and saved my old tapes which I was very worried about. I will recommend you to friends and family for sure!   See More Customer Reviews >> - Greg Hipenbecker     
How It Works
You Gather and Ship
Package and send your videotapes to iMemories. There's no up-front work required. Use your box or order a SafeShip Kit to make it easy.
We Digitize and Preserve
iMemories will professionally convert and preserve your older analog videotapes into a modern digital format, which will last forever.
You Watch Anytime, Any Screen
Say hello to anytime viewing on your phone, tablet, computer and TV. Experience the joy of having these cherished memories at your fingertips.
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