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Cloud Storage

One place for all your videos and photos

Are your precious digital memories scattered across your phones, computers, discs and external hard drives? Do you have older analog videotapes and photos from the 80s and 90s? Or vintage home movies films and slides from the 60s and 70s?

With iMemories, your entire collection of family videos and photos is in one place and always with you - organized and ready to watch in brilliant clarity.

Access all your memories on any screen

Once all your videos and photos are stored in iMemories Cloud, you can view and share them on any device -- anytime, anywhere.

Store and protect as many memories as you can make

Have thousands of family videos and photos? No problem. With unlimited cloud storage, you'll have as much space as you need to safely store and protect all your precious family memories. With low, flat rate pricing for iMemories Cloud, you get unbridled viewing and sharing of all your videos and photos, without limits or additional storage fees.

No limits

Have long videos and large size photos? Hope so. That means you're taking high quality memories. Most cloud sites have restrictions. Limits are lame. With iMemories Cloud, there are no limits on video length, photo file size or number of clips and images.

Full resolution

Your videos and photos are stored and preserved in full resolution, so iMemories Cloud is a true long term "digital archive" of your cherished family memories. Other cloud and social sites only store a lower res version your videos and photos (including Facebook). With full res digital masters stored at iMemories Cloud, you will always have access to the highest quality versions of your precious family videos and photos. You can also create beautiful DVDs or Blu-rays for yourself, or to gift to family and friends.

Memories focused

Unlike other generic cloud storage or computer backup sites that allow PowerPoint files, PDFs and spreadsheets to be co-mingled with your photos in the same account, iMemories Cloud ONLY allows videos and photos. So, the iMemories user experience is enriched and optimized for finding, viewing and sharing your family memories in brilliant clarity.

Rich with Features

Get the richest set of features on the market. Packed with built-in tools to organize and label your memories, to fully edit your videos and photos, to make customized DVDs and Blu-rays, to create stunning and beautiful music videos, and much more.

Your Treasured Memories Are Safe

Your priceless family videos and photos are safeguarded on fully redundant enterprise-grade storage servers which provide 99.999999999% durability/reliability, meaning that statistically if you store 10,000 videos and photos in iMemories Cloud you may lose one of them every 10 million years.

Your Account is Secure and Private

Your iMemories account is private, so you're in control. Your iMemories account is as secure as your online bank account. If you don't share the log in, no one can gain access. Share the photos you want with whom you choose. You can email or text videos and photos with a select few or share with your social networks on Facebook or Twitter.

Made for families

There are all kinds of cloud sites available these days, for all kinds of different uses. iMemories is made for families. iMemories is where important family memories are safely stored, protected and easily accessed. iMemories is a safe and clean environment, family friendly and free of advertising.

SO GREAT to have all my family memories protected in the cloud and easy to find at a moment's notice. Before iMemories, we NEVER got to see this stuff. It was either buried in boxes or too hard to find on the computer. Can't tell what a BIG HIT iMemories has been at the last bunch of family gatherings. We just fire up the Apple TV and watch family videos for hours on the big screen from the iPhone app. We laugh until we cry. It's a HOOT!   See More Customer Reviews >> - Patricia Smith     
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