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Favorite Winter Activities
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December 20th, 2022

Favorite Winter Activities

Winter means colder weather for many, which also means the opportunity to partake in favorite seasonal activities centered around snow, ice and cozy fireplaces. Whether indoors or out, there are great ways to pass the time and make wintertime memories that could become new traditions. Prepare for the colder months ahead and add these fun activities to your seasonal bucket list.


Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

Going outdoors (on purpose!) in the winter seems daunting considering the low temps, but bundling up and venturing out can lead to some serious fun in the snow. So, grab your cold-weather gear and bundle up for memorable winter experiences.


Skiing and Snowboarding

Each year, millions of Americans take to the slopes for winter’s most iconic pastimes. The best part about skiing and snowboarding is that both are family-friendly activities for all skill levels. Beginners can hit the bunny slopes to build their skills while expert-level family members enjoy the black-diamond trails. Those who prefer a slower pace can opt for cross-country skiing and take in the scenic winter wonderland. And at the end of the day, everyone can gather at the lodge for warm hot chocolate.


Ice Fishing

Ice fishing began as a necessity for early Americans to survive the cold winters. Today, it’s a great way to enjoy peaceful solitude or gather with friends. You’ll want to find a body of water where the ice is three to six inches thick and be prepared with a special ice fishing pole (via HowStuffWorks). An auger can be used to drill a hole, and you’ll want to bring along a small chair to avoid sitting on the cold ice. Once you’ve baited your hook, simply wait for the cold water-loving fish like Walleye and Trout to bite!


Ice Skating and Pond Hockey

Ice skating and playing pond hockey are perfect ways to spend a winter afternoon. Many communities have authorities that regularly check public ponds for their thickness and alert residents when it’s safe to skate. These are your safest bets, or you can look for a nearby outdoor rink to enjoy. Many of these facilities have ice skates for rent if you don’t own your own pair.


Sledding or Snow Tubing

Racing down a snowy hill is a childhood rite of passage. Grab a sled or tube for an inexpensive way to spend a winter day. No sled, no problem. You can use a laundry basket or the lid of a rubber tub instead. Many areas have dedicated sledding hills and some ski resorts have snow tubing trails for bigger thrills.


Fun Indoor Winter Activities

Despite ample opportunities for outdoor fun, winter is also the perfect season to spend time together inside. For those who really don’t want to brave the cold, there are tons of fun indoor activities to pass the time and create lasting memories.



Cooking and Baking

Cooking is a fantastic way to unwind and bond with family. It’s also a perfect activity for exploring new flavors and discovering new favorite dishes. This winter, make a plan to cook more by setting a goal to learn one new recipe or cook with an unfamiliar ingredient each week. Pick up a new cookbook or Google unique dishes that sound delicious to you.


Playing Games

Why not spend frigid days playing good old-fashioned board games? This is a perfect indoor winter activity for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. Little ones can compete at classics like Connect 4 and Candy Land. Adults and older kids can bond over favorites like Clue and Monopoly. If you want to get moving, games like charades and Simon Says are perfect for the whole family.



Few things are as relaxing as curling up with a good book. Reading is a powerful mood booster and is great for mental health—a big perk if you suffer from the winter blues (via The Health Site). You can explore tons of books at your local library for free. Try out a new genre this winter or challenge yourself to finish a certain number of books. Or, join a book club either in person or online to bond with others over your literary love.


Watching Movies

Snuggle up for a movie marathon for a cozy family fun day. Break out the winter classics like “The Chronicles of Narnia” or “Frozen.” Or, momentarily escape from the cold with old summer classics like “The Karate Kid” or “The Sandlot.” If you want something a little more sentimental, look back on your own home videos of winter memories. You can even send them into iMemories to be digitized so you can preserve them forever and watch them year after year right on your own devices.


Enjoying the Winter Months

The winter months can be cold and dreary. However, with the right activities planned, you can make the most of the season and actually enjoy the sub-zero temps and snow. Plus, you’ll rack up lots of wintertime memories to look back on for years to come.



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