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Thoughtful & Unique Wedding Gift Ideas in 2022
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April 30th, 2022

Thoughtful & Unique Wedding Gift Ideas in 2022

Wedding season is here and so is the search for the most unique wedding gift so your sentiments are remembered by the bride and groom. As soon as the invitation appears in your mailbox, the wedding guest to-dos fill your head. What are you going to wear? Who’s going to babysit? Most of all, what thoughtful wedding gift will wow the happy couple? Check out these thank-you-card-worthy ideas.


1. Personalized Wedding Box

Most likely, the bride and groom didn’t add a personalized wedding box to their wedding registry. However, it’s a gift they are sure to love. Not only is it a sentimental gift they’ll treasure, but it’s customized just for them.

A personalized wedding box gives the newly married couple a designated place to keep the cherished memories of their big day. Typically made of wood or metal, this keepsake container keeps their memorabilia safe, including a copy of their invitation, guest list, favor sample, notes from their parents, and more. Having it engraved with their names or initials and wedding date makes the gift even more touching. To create a personalized wedding box, first you’ll want to think about the personal style of the bride and groom. Are they more traditional or do they trend more modern? Then, look for a personalization company or local artisan to create a custom box to fit their taste.

It doesn’t need to be too big in size, as larger memories like a wedding photo album are typically not included. Today’s modern couples are gravitating more towards safeguarding their wedding day memories through companies such as iMemories, which specializes in digitizing memories with images and videos stored safely together in the Cloud so the bride and groom can look back on their wedding day at any time, from any device. They can also order a compact USB drive which will take up minimal storage space in their wedding box.



2. Cookbook with Recipes for Different Occasions

Cooking together can be a fun occasion for a newly married couple. Gift them with a great cookbook to avoid nightly “what’s for dinner” frustrations.

Sometimes staying in and creating a meal together is better than a night on the town. Look for cookbooks with cuisines and recipes that create a date-like experience for the couple. These types of cookbooks can guide them in recreating a restaurant-level meal in their own kitchen.

Think about the kinds of meals the couple enjoys. There are tons of cookbook options on the market designed specifically for newlyweds with diverse recipes. Or, if you know that they share a love of a specific type of food, pick up the latest cookbook focused on that cuisine.

The freshly married couple will likely just be dipping their toes into hosting too. Make it easier on them by giving them some ideas for feeding their guests. Cookbooks designed for easy hosting are a good wedding gift for cooks at any skill level. Look for cookbook options that focus on both formal and casual fare. Simple instructions and recipes designed with minimal ingredients are helpful to new hosts. Cookbooks featuring dishes that can be prepped or even made ahead are a major stress saver.


3. Food and Wine Gifts

For the foodies and vino-lovers, a wine or culinary-themed wedding present is a sure win. These allow the couple to enjoy their shared interests — and some delicious flavors!

A wine subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving. Each month, the couple can receive new bottles right on their doorstep. This much-appreciated gift gives them something to look forward to and they’ll be grateful each time new bottles arrive.

What better to pair with a wine subscription gift than personalized wine glasses? Have them engraved with the couple’s new monogram for a custom touch. You can opt for traditional glass or make a statement with a stemless metal pair. Either way, they’ll have the perfect way to enjoy their regular deliveries of wine.

Charcuterie boards are trending in the culinary world for their impressive simplicity. Easy to assemble yet stunning to look at, they are the perfect dish for newlyweds to create together. Giving them their first charcuterie board allows them to really wow their guests. Look for a high-quality option in a generous size that will last for years to come. Have it engraved with their last name, monogram, or wedding date to make it even more special. Gift it with some gourmet olives and aged cheese to send them on their way to charcuterie greatness.

No matter what gift you choose, enjoy the wedding and wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness and memories.


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