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Creating Lasting Valentine’s Day Memories
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January 31st, 2022

Creating Lasting Valentine’s Day Memories

Valentine’s Day is a highly-anticipated day for celebrating love, and is filled with sentimental value for many. From planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date to buying a memorable gift, it’s a day that requires thought and planning to make sure your significant other feels valued and loved. As the holiday approaches, we’ve compiled the best and worst date ideas, along with gift ideas that will win over your loved one — to ensure this Valentine’s Day ranks among the best.


Winning Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date sets the stage for a fun and memorable holiday, and requires careful consideration of your partner’s interests. While most associate Valentine’s Day with romance, there are other fun ways to celebrate your love that can be fun and playful.

  • Cooking Class

    Regardless if your partner is a foodie or not, a cooking class is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Trying a new dish, cooking side-by-side and enjoying a glass of wine is a fun and enjoyable experience that can feel intimate and personal. There are even virtual cooking classes, which means staying cozy at home while enjoying the experience.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    For the playful couple, a scavenger hunt is a unique day date idea to infuse your Valentine’s Day with fun and romance. To keep your partner on his or her toes, sneak out of bed early and leave the first clue behind on your pillow. Take them on a journey that lets them reminisce about your first date, first kiss, and other relationship milestones, with small presents at each stop. The final stop on the scavenger hunt could be a place you’ve been wanting to visit together – such as a new restaurant, art gallery or outdoor adventure – ending your Valentine’s Day by making new memories.

  • Romantic Dinner

    While traditional and expected, a romantic dinner is often the desired Valentine’s Day date for many. Take it up a level this year and plan a romantic night that sweeps your partner off their feet. Make reservations at the most exclusive restaurant in town, a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, or setup a romantic picnic on the beach. Leave your device on mute and give your partner your full attention in a romantic setting.


Date Ideas to Avoid

We all make the occasional faux pas when it comes to planning a date, despite the best of intentions. To help you avoid an awkward Valentine’s Day, following are date ideas that are best avoided.  

  • Ice Skating

    While Valentine’s Day falls during one of the coldest months of the year, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to plan a winter activity for you and your partner. This romantic holiday is meant for warmth and affection, and ice skating leaves you cold and tired. You’re also taking a risk by assuming your partner knows how to ice skate, which could backfire if they prove to not have the skills to stay on their feet.

  • Game Night

    While a surefire way to have fun when hanging with friends, planning a game night for Valentine’s Day lacks romance. If you want to plan something game-oriented because it’s a love you share, leave the cards and board games behind and take your partner out for a gaming adventure. Try a murder mystery theater or escape room to win-over your game-loving partner this Valentine’s Day.  


Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Perhaps equally as important as the date you plan is the gift you present. This Valentine’s Day, show the one you love that you put thought and careful consideration into their gift. While traditional gifts are acceptable, thinking outside the box will when them over even more.

  • Favorite Bottle of Wine

    Show your partner that you’ve paid attention to the small details, and present their favorite bottle of wine as a gift. Whether it’s a wine they order during a nice dinner out, or one that’s too expensive to indulge in on a regular basis, a bottle of their favorite wine tells them you remember the small things they enjoy.

  • Relationship Retrospective

    If you’ve been together for a while, give the gift of nostalgia and take a walk down memory lane as their Valentine’s Day gift. Dig out your old photos and videos of times spent together, and send them into a company like iMemories. They specialize in taking memories on various analog formats and converting them to a digital treasure trove of easily-accessible memories. Spend your Valentine’s Day evening watching the digital memories and reliving your best moments together.



Worst Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Despite the best of intentions, you might fall victim to classic Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t necessarily win over your loved one. Following are some traditional ideas that are typical for Valentine’s Day, but lack careful thought.

  • Box of Chocolates

    If your partner has a sweet tooth, you might instinctively think of a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. However, these are a dime a dozen at local grocery stores and pharmacies, and might come across as a last-minute gift without much thought. If your partner really loves chocolate, visit your local chocolatier for gourmet chocolates that are beautifully-packaged, and show them that you went the extra mile.

  • Gift Cards

    It doesn’t get any more impersonal than gift cards, so instead of spinning the rack of gift card options at your local grocery store, venture to the actual store and pick out something your partner will love. The time and thought put into selecting something for them will go much further than a gift card for them to shop on their own.

    This Valentine’s Day, think beyond tradition and plan a unique date and gift that speaks to your thoughtful, caring side. It’s often the thought that goes into something that matters more to your partner than the date or gift itself.


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