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Activities to Improve Family Bonding
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January 24th, 2022

Activities to Improve Family Bonding

It’s the New Year, and many of us are focused on ensuring that this is the year we finally stick to our New Year’s resolution. If you ask family and friends about their New Year’s resolutions, you’ll notice a surprising new trend. Many have tossed aside traditional resolutions such as weight loss and more gym time in favor of resolutions focused on spending quality time with family members and deepening their bond. While many people already picked up healthy new lifestyles for their physical and mental health in a COVID-impacted world, the pandemic is also responsible for this shift in New Year’s resolutions. So many of us lost precious time with loved ones due to COVID, and are looking to get it back in the coming year.

With these family-focused New Year’s resolutions on the mind of countless individuals, following are some activities to improve family bonding and create wonderful new memories in the process.


Bonding with Younger Kids

If you have younger kids in your life, whether you’re a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or Godparent, bonding with younger kids translates to a lot of fun. They’re still at a stage where family activities are fun and exciting, and they make the most of them. For quality bonding time with kids, consider the following fun activities that will keep them engaged.

  • Join Them in their Favorite Hobby

    Whether they love video games, arts & crafts, basketball or catching fireflies, plan a day of joining them in their favorite activity. Showing an interest in their hobbies demonstrates that you understand them and appreciate their interests — and will provide them with a fun opportunity to teach you something new instead of the other way around. The end result could be a new tradition, such as a friendly basketball rivalry, that lasts for years to come.

  • Tell Stories

    Kids love hearing stories about their parents or grandparents as children, or stories about themselves from their early years that they don’t remember. Whether over dinner or hanging out by the pool, telling children fun stories about themselves or other family members always leads to laughter. Make the experience even greater by pulling out old photos or home movies so the kids are brought back to the time of the stories.

  • Cook Together

    Nothing makes a child prouder than creating a feast they made themselves. Have a conversation about their favorite dinner and go shopping together for all the ingredients. Help them prepare the meal with their favorite music playing in the background, and make it a fun experience they’ll want to repeat. Let them do most of the work so they can present their family meal with pride.



Bonding with Older Kids

Tweens and teens require a vastly different approach when it comes to bonding time, as most of them are at a stage where they prefer time with friends over family. To get their attention, come up with ideas that have a certain “cool” factor.

  • Adventure Together

    Teens and tweens are figuring out the world around them, and the best way to help them along is to encourage them to explore. Plan a fun day trip to a destination with their interests in mind, such as a beach they’ve never visited if they love the water, or a new hiking spot if they love the great outdoors. Getting them away from their cell phones and exploring a new spot is bound to provide some valuable bonding time.

  • Family Vacation

    If the budget allows, take the adventure idea to the next level and plan a trip that will have them excited to leave their friends, devices and bedroom behind. National parks, family-focused resorts, ski trips, and adventure-based experiences such as ziplining are all great ideas that will peak your tween or teen’s interest and provide quality family time away from home, friends and devices.

  • Family Meal

    Food is a language all tweens and teens understand, and you’ll get their attention quickly if you create a family meal around their favorite foods. Have one of them pick their favorite appetizer, another pick their favorite main course, and another pick their favorite dessert – and you’ve created a feast that will quickly bring them all to the table for a fun family dinner together.


Bonding Across the Miles

When it comes to out-of-state family members, it’s difficult to plan quality bonding time when you’re separated by hundreds of miles. However, thanks to today’s technology, there are a handful of great ways to spend time together and bond across state lines.

  • Virtual Family Game Night

    Today, you don’t need to be in the same room to enjoy a fun-filled family game night. Services such as Zoom allow family to connect virtually and play games together such as Charades, or get more technical with screen-sharing games such as Quiplash that uses Amazon Fire, Apple TV and more.

  • Movie Night

    That’s right, you can even watch movies together virtually these days, thanks to Netflix Together. This new extension from Netflix allows you to watch shows and movies with friends and loved ones online, with a chat feature and emojis so you can react to movie scenes as if you’re in the same room. The selected movie is synced automatically even if you switch to something new.

  • Share Old Home Movies

    Nothing reminds family members of the bond they share more than digging out old home movies and sharing them across the miles. Home movies bring us back to happy times shared with cherished family members. If your old home movies are still sitting in boxes on VHS tapes or 8mm film reels, send them into iMemories for digitizing and share them across any device with any family member.

Whether your desire for more family time is the result of COVID separation or simply the desire to bond deeper, these ideas could turn into weekly or monthly family traditions for years to come. While everyone has daily priorities and obligations, nothing is more important than family bonding time.


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