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70’s Hairstyles: The Best, Worst, and What’s Coming Back
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September 22nd, 2021

70’s Hairstyles: The Best, Worst, and What’s Coming Back

All fashion trends, whether we loved them or not, seem to make their way back around at some point – and 1970s hairstyles are no exception. Picturing yourself with your old 70s hairstyle again might make you cringe, but a throwback look that involves digging out your old curling iron and big bristle brush to recreate “The Farrah Fawcett flip” could be fun. Women’s 70s hair tutorials have been going viral recently, reminding even the most skeptical of exactly how to recreate the iconic looks. Check out any social media platform and you’ll see a variety of 70s hair trend options you might be willing to try in 2021.

From long hair to short, feathered or straight, some of the best 70s hairstyles became legendary. Women had a distinct advantage over men during this decade, sometimes referred to as the “hairy decade”. Farrah Fawcett’s infamous feathered locks from Charlie’s Angels and the Jane Birkin bangs were styles everyone wanted in the 70s, and they’re back in 2021.



The most popular 1970s hairstyles for women included:

  • Wedge haircut – A short layered bob, choppy cuts, blunt bangs, and a tapered back
  • Fringe bangs – Light, feathery, longer bangs often called “Birkin Bangs” after Jane Birkin and her famous fringe hairstyle
  • Curtain bangs – Big, swoopy, layered bangs that channel Farrah Fawcett, paired with curtain bangs with big curls flowing away from the face
  • Famous shag – Face-framing bangs, and long feathery curls requiring a curling iron, big bristle brush, and blow dryer to create the look
  • Fluffed out Fro – Let your natural hair do whatever it wants
  • Cher hair – Long, straight, smooth hair with a defined middle part

Men’s 1970s hairstyles were iconic as well, although not returning in 2021 to the degree that women’s are making a comeback. Men’s styles were long and flowing, shaped toward the face or feathered back, and sometimes even permed. Many men’s styles were inspired by musicians, movie stars, and the decade-defining hippie style that carried over from the 1960s. Many male styles actually mirrored those of women, with curly natural hair afros, medium-length hair that was face-framing, free-flowing rock star hair, and shaggy haircuts layered with fringe.

The short to medium-length, “messy style” hair typical of surfers in the 1970s is what’s coming back for men in 2021. While this style featured natural sun-kissed blond locks in the 1970s, today’s men are going the route of blonde highlights to achieve the same look in a modern-day way.

While contemplating if you’re bold enough to sport a 70s hairstyle in 2021, dig out your old family photos and Polaroids from the 1970s and take a trip down memory lane. You and several family members were probably photographed with your best feathered looks, and other infamous hairstyles trendy during the decade. While you have those old photos out, send them to iMemories to have them digitized for lifelong preservation. Those are cherished memories of stylish years that you don’t want to lose as those photos degrade over time. 

If you’re one of those people who never changed their hairstyle from the 70s, you’re in luck and officially trendy again.

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