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Giving the Perfect Photo or Home Video Gift for Mother’s Day
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April 28th, 2021

Giving the Perfect Photo or Home Video Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, a day set aside to celebrate the woman who loves you unconditionally and made you the person you are today. For such a special occasion, you want to give a gift that she’ll cherish and appreciate, but great gift ideas are often hard to come by. One thing we know for sure is that she has accumulated enough trinkets and tchotchkes, and doesn’t need another one to adorn her mantle or shelf.

What she wants is a gift from the heart, and every mother loves a trip down memory lane on the day that commemorates their greatest role in life. Get ready to dig out your favorite photos and videos and create a gift that Mom will love, sparking tears of joy and laughter this Mother’s Day. Following are some ideas that will tug at her heartstrings and win you major points – and perhaps even the designation of “favorite child.”

Photo Gifts

Thanks to today’s technologies, we have countless resources available for taking our cherished photos and creating amazing custom gifts with them. Long gone are the days of being able to customize only mousepads and coasters. With so many options now available, look for items that Mom will use on a daily basis so she sees your smiling face every time she reaches for it, such as:

  • iPhone case
  • Quilt or Sherpa blanket
  • Oversized mug
  • Throw pillow
  • Tote bag
  • Notebook

Modern technology also allows you to photo collage most items, giving Mom several snapshots to smile over when she reaches for her phone, blanket or coffee mug. Online resources such as Collage can cover all your needs – right down to customized wrapping paper to present your one-of-a-kind gift. Companies like Puzzle You can even create a customized puzzle featuring a photo collage, if your Mom enjoys the challenge of a good puzzle.

Video Gifts

Mom’s closet, basement or attic is likely where you’ll find boxes full of old family photos and home movies. She was at every soccer game, swim meet, band concert and graduation snapping photos throughout your childhood, and often the person behind the lens on every family vacation and holiday as well.  

A unique and unexpected Mother’s Day gift would be to sneak all those old family memories out of her house and have them digitized. This is the perfect gift for Mom – something she’ll watch over and over again, and something she can build on for years to come as new family memories are made.

Digitizing all those family memories is exceptionally easy these days thanks to companies like iMemories, which specializes in expertly digitizing them for viewing on any device and sharing with family members anywhere. Their capabilities are endless, digitizing all those analog media, including:

  • VHS/VHS-C home videos
  • 8mm reels
  • Super 8 reels
  • 16mm reels
  • Betamax
  • MiniDV
  • Slides
  • Negatives
  • Photo prints

Even old film reels that look like they’re damaged beyond repair can be reprocessed and included. This is a gift that serves a purpose well beyond Mother’s Day, preserving cherished family memories for generations to come. Your Mom will be thrilled to know that her childhood and yours are digitized and protected for her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond. And the best part – you get to spend Mother’s Day watching and reliving all those childhood memories with her.

As you decide on the perfect Mother’s Day gift, consider photo gifts or video gifts to bring a big smile to her face. As an adult, these are the equivalent of the homemade Mother’s Day gifts you worked tirelessly on as a child. They come from the heart and a place of love, much like those finger-painted family portraits and paper flower bouquets.

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