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Creating a Memorable, Perfect Gift for Grandparents
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March 31st, 2021

Creating a Memorable, Perfect Gift for Grandparents

Ask any grandparent, and they’ll tell you the gifts they cherish the most are those that came from the heart. Long-forgotten are the pricey pieces of jewelry and tchotchkes that once adorned their fireplace mantle, but ingrained in their memory forever is the beautifully-framed family photo that was gifted more than a dozen birthdays ago. As another year unfolds of trying to find the perfect gifts for grandparents, consider the following ideas and take the more cherished route.

DIY Gifts from Grandkids

Nothing makes a grandparent smile more than a masterful work-of-art from their grandchild. Whether a 3-year-old with a flair for finger painting, or a teenager with a budding talent as a sketch artist, every piece of art is a grandparent’s newest treasure. Following are some modern-day gift ideas for presenting that artwork on more than just paper:

  • Frame the artwork in a beautiful photo frame, hand-picked by the grandchild
  • Transfer the artwork to a beautiful canvas, through an online resource such as Shutterfly
  • Create quality products featuring the artwork through resources such as ScribbleMagicLab, which will print the artwork on coffee mugs, aprons, jewelry boxes and more

Cherished Family Photos as Gifts

As the younger generations embark on their busy lives, grandparents are often left with visits to look forward to and phone calls to catch-up. In between those visits and calls, family photos make them smile and remind them of great times. Among the top ideas for gifting family photos are:

  • Book a professional photographer to capture current photos of the entire family
  • While you have that professional photographer, capture photos of multiple generations that are together
  • Enlarge your favorite photo and have it beautifully-framed for your grandparents
  • Get those old photo prints out of storage and find several favorites to organize in a photo collage, reminding your grandparents of your fondest memories with them

Keep Them Tech-Savvy

Grandparents don’t often prioritize the latest technologies, but today it’s an effective way to stay connected over the miles that separate you. Encourage your grandparents to stay current with technology by gifting any of the following, and keep their minds sharp in the process:

  • A tablet, such as an iPad, for Facetiming or family Zoom calls on a screen larger than their mobile device
  • Zoom subscription
  • Audiobook subscriptions
  • Sign them up for technology training, which many local towns offer through Senior Centers and Senior programming

Preserving and Digitizing Family History

Grandparents cherish nothing more than their family and the legacy they’ve built. Now that you have them embracing technology with the gift ideas above, take it one step further and digitize their cherished family photos and videos – creating the perfect gift that they’ll watch over and over again.

This is easily accomplished by utilizing the services of a company such as iMemories, which specializes in taking all your old photo prints, VHS home videos, old movie reels and more, and expertly digitizing them for viewing on any device. Even movie reels from generations ago, that your grandparents likely think are damaged beyond repair, can be reprocessed and included with your more recent memories. Just imagine their faces when they’re brought back to their own childhood along with yours, in one online location they revisit whenever they want.

We all adore our grandmas and grandpas, so it’s important to remember that gifts of love and gifts that celebrate their lives are far more meaningful to them than anything purchased. It might sound cliché, but it’s spending time with them and the simplest of gifts that they will love the most.  

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