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How to Share Memories at Your Next Family Reunion
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March 31st, 2021

How to Share Memories at Your Next Family Reunion

With a global pandemic showing promising signs of subsiding, people across the U.S. are eager to see family members they’ve been safely distanced from for more than a year. For many, this means planning a family reunion to bring everyone back together for a laughter-filled gathering. Among the many highlights of any long-awaited family reunion are fun activities and reminiscing – reliving family memories through pictures and videos of precious time spent with each other over the years.

Planning Your Family Reunion

There’s so much that goes into planning an event of this magnitude, from choosing a reunion theme and creating a reunion slideshow, to figuring out food and choosing a location. Following are some helpful early-stage planning tips to ensure a smooth process, avoid family drama and make sure everyone is on the same page for this once-in-a-decade event.

  • Determine a location, whether someone’s home or a rented venue
  • Decide on a food & beverage plan, whether catered or potluck
  • Establish a budget and each immediate family’s contributions
  • Delegate individual responsibilities to specific family members
  • Set a deadline for family members to provide old photos and videos for a trip down memory lane during the reunion

Planning Activities that Become Family Reunion Traditions

Family reunion activities are the key to a fun, memorable experience that will be enjoyed by all. While it’s expected that everyone will eat great food and catch-up, family gatherings are far more memorable when they are well-planned with activities that keep people engaged, active and having fun. You are, after all, creating new memories and you’ll find yourself reminiscing about this family reunion at the next one. Following are some suggestions to help inspire activity ideas:

  • Yard games such as volleyball, croquet and corn hole
  • Chili cook-off to determine the family’s best chili-maker
  • DIY photo booth with fun props
  • Scavenger hunt for kids
  • Ancestor trivia game
  • Family talent show
  • Slideshow/video of memories collected from family members

Making a Family Reunion Slideshow the Highlight of the Event

A well-done family reunion video or slideshow will no doubt result in belly laughs, tears and a lot of long-forgotten moments. It should include momentous occasions like births, graduations weddings, holidays and family traditions, as well as those candid moments that weren’t anticipated but became our fondest memories.

If you’re like most families, your memories are stored away in boxes in multiple locations. One easy way to create this comprehensive family video is to utilize the expert services of a company that specializes in digitizing memories. iMemories is one such company, which will take all those old photo prints, VHS tapes, film reels and more, and create one amazing digitized video that encompasses them all. You don’t even need to organize them – just send them in. Consider this option when planning the reunion budget, and it will be money well spent when you see everyone’s reaction at your family reunion. For many, especially the younger generations, this will be footage they’ve never seen before.

Staying in Touch Post-Reunion

Once everyone goes their separate ways following the family reunion, there will be a renewed longing to stay in closer contact until the next family gathering. It’s a great idea for the family member who organized the family reunion video to share that among all family members, so they can watch it over and over again. iMemories makes this possible with their Apple and Android apps, which allow you to easily share your treasured family memories with anyone, on any device. Also, be sure to add the photos and videos from the family reunion to the app, and build on those memories for years to come.

As it starts to become safe for family gatherings, give your immediate and extended family something to look forward to and start the conversations about a family reunion. Now more than ever, we are appreciating the health and well-being of family – near and far. Bring everyone together to count your blessings, and celebrate the memories that make you family.

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