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Convert your Slides to Digital

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Convert Slides to Digital

We scan all Slide & Negative formats:

  • 35mm negatives
  • 35mm slides
  • 110, 120, 126, 127 & 200 format film

Slides and Negatives have a similar lifespan as film. If not properly stored heat, moisture, exposure to light, dust and mold can all help the degradation process of your 35mm slides and negatives move quickly. The time to convert your slides to digital is now.

Your images deserve the best people, technology and slide scanning service.

We convert your slides & negatives to digital using high resolution Nikon 5000ED and Scanmaker 1000xl Pro scanners, and utilize Kodak Digital Ice™. With our 35mm slide scanning service we perform three levels of professional editing including cropping, color correction, red-eye removal and dust & scratch removal, giving you vibrantly restored digital memories you can cherish forever.

Convert 35mm Slides to Digital

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