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Video Folder - A collection of all of your videos, located in the left panel inside of your iMemories library.

Photo Folder - A collection of all of your photos, located in the left panel inside of your iMemories library.

Playlist Folder - A collection of the playlists you have created, located in the left panel inside your iMemories library.

Playlist - A personal compilation of videos and/or photos. You can create a playlist according to any theme you choose, making it easy for you to locate and share your videos in a snap, or even create a specialized DVD.

Top Navigation Bar - A panel at the top of any of your My Account screens that contains options you can click on at any point, such as Help, My Account, Index and Clips.

Personal Theater - A private, online screening room where you are able to view and share your videos and photos.

Hover - An action occurring when you move your mouse over a particular area and a new box or window appears- without clicking the mouse. Magnifying glass - This is the small icon that appears next to a clip or video when you hover over it. Hovering over the magnifying glass will bring up a thumbnail preview.

Thumbnail Preview - A box that appears if you hover over any video or photo album, clip or photo’s magnifying glass. The preview gives you more functions and options, such as Make a DVD or Add to Playlist.

Drag & Drop - Your entire “My Account” website is Drag & Drop ready - which simply means that you can click and hold on any video or clip and by moving your mouse anywhere on the screen and releasing, you can easily and quickly move media from one place to another. Slider bar - A function located in your library on the video viewer that allows you to fast forward or rewind videos with a click & drag of your mouse.

Clips - Also referred to as “Scenes,” clips are shortened, content-based segments of a particular video. Clips allow you to navigate through your video content in an easy, organized, and time-efficient manner.

Library - This is the area where you have control as the director of your videos and photos. Here you can edit, organize, create, watch and share.

Index - A page full of clips from the video you wish to view. There is no video player - but, if you hover over a chosen clip, a short little vignette of the clip will appear so you can tell what the clip is about.

Scroll bar - These are very slim buttons alongside the media panel and underneath the clips. Like in any other application, if you click and hold a scroll bar, then move your mouse left and right or up and down, you will be able to see more of your content.

New Project Filmstrip - This is the area directly below the video viewer that appears when you begin creating a DVD project. Remember, this area is Drag & Drop Ready.

Cart - The cart is a virtual shopping cart for your DVD projects or other products you have chosen to purchase with iMemories. Items can stay in the cart for as long as you like - they must be confirmed before they will be received by iMemories for completion.

Upload - iMemories features an upload tool that allows you to compile any digital photos or personal videos that you may already have on your computer - all in one place on your iMemories account.

SafeShip Kit - A double-walled crush proof box, designed for the most secure and effective transport of your treasured media. Included in every kit are static bags to protect against magnetic fields and liquids, as well as specialized foam that is specifically designed to create the necessary shock absorption to ensure the contents can not be damaged.

SafetyNet GPS - If you are hesitant to ship your precious media across the nation, we offer a global tracking device that can be placed inside of your SafeShip Kit package. SafetyNet GPS tacking can locate your package anywhere in the world - within 10 ft. of its location - peace of mind.

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